Nancy Moloney
Internal Communications & Marketing
t: 781-461-0524
c: 617-549-2891

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Internal Communications

  • Identify and implement strategies to facilitate improved communications between Business Units.
  • Improved growth of marketing strategies
  • Develop programs designed to share the strategic vision and priorities of the organization with employees. Enhancement of employee engagement and strengthened company culture.
  • Communications detailing Sales Tips, Technical Product Information, Service Information, Events and Community Outreach to inform and invite discussion about Business Team activities.
  • the INTERVIEW - short interviews with global colleagues that shared the strategic vision and priorities, strengthened understanding of each other and the roles in the organization. Introduced people who would soon be collaborating on the global ERP integration.
  • Technical presentations highlighting innovation and market success.

Marketing Events

  • Technical seminars, conferences, industry events and professional organization meetings in the Americas.
  • Key contributor on multiple business teams on pre-show planning, goals, budgets, lead dissemination and post show analysis.
  • Partners with multiple business teams on planning and implementation. Facilitates win-win outcomes by managing the interests of each contributor.
  • Improved quality of leads over sheer numbers.
  • Managed and maintained budget targets.
  • Consistent focus on customer satisfaction to improve customer relationship in the industry

Marketing Project Management - New Product Development

  • Manage new product launch to provide world-class global technical support agreements in a web-based environment
  • Creation of deliverables, e-newsletters, webinars and staff training.
  • Successfully complete a rigorous "release for sale" process.
  • Built on success in the Americas to launch the product in Europe and Asia.
  • Wrote and delivered a monthly customer centric e-newsletter.
  • Introduced monthly webinar program with technical tips and tricks to engage customers and add value to their subscription.
  • Continually grew subscribers to both the e-newsletter and webinar program.

Social Media

  • Conduct research on appropriate channels, initial strategy and best practices guidelines.
  • Develop informational and training sessions to emphasize the importance of social media in B2B culture.
  • Research and launch a platform to accomplish scheduled posts to several social media platforms, with multiple languages.


Marketing Communications

  • Implements and facilitate direct mail, print, television and radio ads that met corporate marketing objectives
  • Lead generation
  • Manages multiple marketing campaigns including Television, Print and Direct Mail



Community and Testimonials